Rules and policies will be discussed the evening before your hunt. You will be required to sign a hold harmless waiver before you begin your hunt. There are some inherent risks to hunting but can be minimized if rules are followed. There will be a list of rules that you will follow to protect yourself, our guides and other hunters. If rules are broken, your hunt may be immediately terminated. You are not allowed to use your own transportation to hunt with. You are not allowed to hunt alone unless you are placed in a tree stand or blind. The hunter to guide ratio is 2-1 unless you are paying for a trophy hunt. You are required to sight in your rifle with a guide present. Other rules will be presented to you the night before your hunt.


All hunts are conducted on a fair chase basis in accordance with State of Montana Hunting and guiding regulations. Bear Paw Hunts, Inc. and their guides are not responsible for accidents, equipment failure or loss, fire, theft, Acts of God or other vicissitudes of nature, or anything beyond our control. Bear Paw Hunts request that you notify us in writing of any medical situations or special medications that you may be taking that could be helpful in case of an emergency, as well as an emergency contact name and phone number.