OUTFITTER - Chris Faber

Born and raised in the Bear Paw Mountains, Chris has worked closely with his family on the ranch. He has been guiding for 20 years in the Bear Paw Mountains and has an extreme passion for the business. Chris has spent his whole life in the outdoors and understands wildlife. He has implemented an extensive management plan to help create a better environment for the wildlife that exists in the Bear Paw Mountains Ecosystem. Chris has arrowed a 350, 355, 374, 383 and a 424 Bull Elk respectively. He now enjoys hunting in Canada and Alaska with an appetite for chasing bears. Chris graduated with a degree in Business Management from MSU Northern, then fulfilled a Masters Degree. Chris spent most of his life on the wrestling mat where he became a 3 Time All-American Wrestler in college. He later was inducted in his colleges Athletic Hall of Fame. Chris and his wife Janna have two children, Jonathan and Sarah.