Since 1987, the Faber’s have been running a very successful hunting operation in the Bear Paw Mountains headquartered on the Faber Ranch. Many things have changed in the last 20 years, the great people and quality hunting has not. There has been a great demand to hunt this area over the years so expansion was necessary by leasing and managing some of the best ranches in the Bear Paw Mountains. With 20 ranches and 200,000 private acres, Bear Paw Hunts offers an opportunity to hunt many different areas of land that is managed for quality wildlife. The business continues to look for areas to manage to ensure responsible management of wildlife and allow hunters an opportunity to harvest a mature animal.

The Bear Paw Mountains are an unbelievable area to see. These Mountains empty their streams into the Milk River and the Missouri River. Words can’t describe it so browse around the web site. The pictures should give you an idea of the awesome landscape and the great wildlife habitat.